passenger material hoist brands

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    0-60M 2 ton VFD Rack Temporary Construction Elevators Hoist Lift
    The drive devices and cages of KANGBO KP-B09, KP-B10 rack and pinion lifts are generic and interchangeable because the hoist design is truly modular, and offers a multiple choice of doors or ramps.
    Main parts are made of 16Mn and Q345 high quality steel.
    An electrical small crane available to facilitate the assembly of the hoist.
    Single or twin cage configuration.
    VFD make the hoist very smoothly start and stop with low starting current and less wear and tear.
    Manual or Automatic Controls available.
    Intelligent control System of fault detect, display and alarm, and automatic cage landing/stop and floor selection is available.
    It is certified TUV according to European Regulation EN 12159: 2009.
    * High lifting speed and 2000kg payload.
    * High efficiency gear reducers.
    * Racks are at the center of mast to reduce partial load torque.
    * Apply non-eccentric rollers. No need to adjust rollers when installation. That means faster installs and no mistakes caused by installation.
    * Integrated cage roof. A full steel plate welded one time to complete to make cage roof, with high strength and no water leakage.
    * Cage frame is bigger and stronger.
    * Unique flap door as loading/unloading ramp.
    * Interior Cage LED Lighting.
    * Base-Level Alarm.
    * Interlocked roof trap.
    * Drop test facility with remote pendant.
    * Be equipped with a frequency control unit (FC), with closed-loop.
    * Composite Power & Control Cable, or Sliding contact line (Busbar).
    * Easy access to electrical panels.
    * Certified safety brake system.
    * Convenient and reliable double hinge side open enclosure gate.
    Technical Data
    Payload capacity 2,000 kg
    Lifting speed 0–60 m/min.
    Max. lifting height 450 m
    Cage width (internal) 1.5 m
    Cage length (internal) 3.2 m
    Cage height (internal) 2.35 m
    Motor control FC control
    Engine power2x23 kw/87Hz
    GearboxHelical reducer
    Safety device type centrifugal brake
    Power supply range 380–500 V, 50 or 60 Hz, 3 phase
    Type of mast square column 650*650 mm with bolted rack
    Length mast section 1.508 m
    Rack module 8
    * Be equipped with a frequency control unit (FC), with closed-loop.

    passenger material hoist brands
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